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I am a sculptor, living and working in the Scottish Borders with my wife Pauline Burbidge, a textile artist.

There are three distinct areas of my art practice: Drawing, Studio Sculpture & Growing Sculpture


For studio sculpture see: www.charlespoulsen-sculpture.com
For growing sculpture see: www.growingsculpture.com

The drawings (they are large – 1500mm square) are more about energy than any particular subject matter; those invisible energies, the internal organic forces of growth, the forces which drive the winds and currents the energies within the earth.

The drawings start with the square sheet of paper and a drawn square frame within. The square is chosen for its stability, calmness and because there is not the same association with landscape or the portrait of a rectangle. By deliberately drifting the marks beyond the boundaries of the drawn square I am able to develop energies within the drawing without destroying the underlying composure of the square which reflects the eternal underlying order of everything.  The drawing is built up of layers of drawing and washes to create depth and space.

There is an important physical aspect to large scale drawing where the necessity of using the whole body to drive marks across the surface, is part of the energies I am trying to create on the paper. These drawings are abstractions, either microscopic close ups of organic activity or vast elemental movements of energy.

The drawings are often drawn to music as the musical language of harmony, melody, rhythm and form has a very close relationship to the language of my drawings.

hanging-exampleThe drawings are on Saunders Waterford HP (in the first couple of years they were on Fabriano paper) stretched up with white or brown gummed paper tape. The drawings use pencil, wax and black gouache. When the drawings are cut off the board, I leave the gummed paper as a ‘frame’ and hang the work using spring clips and panel pins. This is how I like to exhibit the work, making it very simple to mount an exhibition. The drawings are transported flat in a specially made wooden case .

I have a very good framer in Vincent Lomenech, if any purchaser would prefer one of my drawings framed.

If you would like to know more my work or are interested in purchasing any of my drawings, please feel free to contact me. I will respond back to any correspondence within 24 hours.