Growing Sculpture

Work Completed

  • 'Point of Resolution'A fixed viewing point was established (the Point of Resolution) and from there a series of what appear to be circles were cut in the heather. Once the viewer moves away from the resolution point it becomes apparent that what can be seen are not circles at all but huge irregular elongated ovals. Gradually the heather is growing back and the work will disappear.
  • Point of Resolution
  • Point of Resolution, detail 2005Side view
  • Point of ResolutionSatellite image. Copyright - The GeoInformation Group
  • Point of ResolutionDetail
  • Laying out 'Host' with Pauline Burbidge 2010in the grounds of Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries
  • Planting 'Host' 2010 with Andrew FellThe idea for 'Host' was originally generated from a discussion between Steve Chettle and Charles Poulsen
  •  'Host' April 2011 Photo Colin Tenant
  • 'Black is White' design for Hawick
  • 'Planting 'Black is White' with Andy Fell - Hawick 2011
  • 'Black is White' flowering - Hawick 2012
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