Growing Sculpture

Work in Progress

  • Map of Spotiswoode
  • 'Crab Tree Entrance to Primrose Path' - drawing, planted 2012
  • 'Oak and Stone' planted 2010. Stone and frame yet to be put in place
  • 'Jubilee Wood' plan drawing - planted 2012Wood divided by 'Silver Birch Curtain', Scots pine one side, oak on the other and crab apple round the outside
  • 'Silver Birch Curtain' drawing
  • 'Silver Birch Curtain' planted and training sructure in place 2012
  • 'Silver Birch Curtain' detail 2014
  • 'Strong Room' drawing
  • 'Strong Room' in 2014, planted in 2012
  • 'Ash Line' drawing
  • 'Ash Line planted 2009 replanted in lime 2012 and re-titled 'Lime Line'
  • 'Suspended Beech' drawing - planted 2011
  • 'Suspended Beech' planted and structure in place 2014
  • 'Ash Tower' drawing, now re-titled 'Scots Plane Tower'
  • 'Scots Plane Tower' planted in sycamore 2013
  • Detail of 'Scots Plane Tower' replanted 2013
  • 'Endless Column' drawing planted 2011 - lime
  • 'Crab Trees in Wall' entrance, drawing
  • 'Crab Trees in Wall'
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