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Below are some links to people with whom I have a close association.
To find out more about them just click on their names.

Pauline Burbidge  Textile Artist
Steve Chettle  ARTS UK
Vincent Lomenech  Paper Conservation & Restoration and Specialist Picture Framing
Luke Watson  Glisk Photography
Jackie Milham  Architectural Practice
Halima Cassell  Artist, Designer, Maker
Anna King  Basket Maker
Nigel Ross  Sculptor
Paul Kenny  Photographic Works
Thomas Hawson  Furniture Designer/Maker
Vanessa Cutler  Architectural Glass
Olivia Lomenech Gill  Printmaker/Artist/Illustrator
Dorothy Caldwell Artist
Colin Rose sculpture and drawing
Hughson Gallery Art Gallery
Philip Stanley Dickson  Photography
Cohorts by Design  Website Design